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We provide all tech services from websites, mobile apps, softwares, and designs. Our aim is simple: to make all tech-related work become more accessible for everyone.

Along the journey, wetheapp also aims to build value and merit for the clients that have worked with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wetheapp is a web development company that focuses on web development and app development. We are a team of highly talented developers and we enthusiast. We do various development work ranging from websites, web applications, mobile apps, and tech team outsourcing.

We have three main offerings. Web and app development, tech team outsourcing, and premium resellers.

Over the years, wetheapp discovered that our services works best for startups and business with a long-term development goals. Our development team specialise in a specific tech stack or product type. Wetheapp assign the most relevant and appropriate talent for you.

We measure pricing depending on project scope, timeline, and the talents needed to get it done. Pricing varies dep

Once the project agreement is sign, we sign an agreement that includes statements such as 1. The clients own all intellectual property (IP) 2. Development team sign an NDA to not disclose any information that was provided to the team during the development of the project.

We offer a few development options from discounted rates to flexible payment development plan for NGOs, academics, and startups. Shoot an email to for further discussion.

“Wetheapp has been on of the very best people I have worked with. Their commitment to clients, attention to detail, and tenacity made my business into what has been a delightful success.”

Tio Saputra

Dazlink Project Manager

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